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Judy Schueler

Retired VP of HR & Organizational Development, University of Pennsylvania Health System

I know of no other degree in the country that really focuses on the right blocks of knowledge in practice management like College for America’s bachelor’s degree in healthcare management.

Scott Doggett

Head of Learning and Development, Holiday Inn Club Vacations

We’re able to get far more people on the path to a degree than what would have been possible through a traditional college program.

Lisa Guertin

President, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in New Hampshire

As an employer, I know that when an employee finishes a CfA degree, he or she will be able to demonstrate specific competencies that are applicable to the job. In terms of ROI—CfA is stronger than general college courses, so becoming a partner was a no-brainer for us.

Degree Programs

College for America degree programs are competency based, project based, and directly applicable in the workplace. Our curricula are engineered to meet labor market needs and are validated by employers nationwide.


Students of College for America receive full college credit at a much more affordable price than traditional degree programs. CfA graduates earn an Associate of Arts or Bachelor of Arts degree from Southern New Hampshire University—a fully accredited, 83-year old nonprofit university. Degree programs cost only $2,500 a year, all-inclusive.

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