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About College for America

College for America is a nonprofit college built specifically to work for working adults and their employers—and to better connect workforce research, higher education, and labor market needs. 

We partner with employers nationwide to offer their employees a rigorous college degree and online learning model that is uniquely affordable, flexibly scheduled to fit in busy lives, and built to develop competencies and promotable skills through project-based, real-world learning instead of traditional lectures and credit hours. 

College for America is built to develop talent and promotable skills. Students master specific competencies through project-based learning—and mastery of every competency is required to earn their degree. The liberal arts degree includes added emphasis on competencies like communication and critical thinking that build promotable skills. From day one, every student is assigned a Learning Coach and receives quick, rigorous feedback by professional educators on every project.

College for America is flexibly paced for adult workers. Students advanced by demonstrating what they know, instead of time logged in a course. That means they can breeze through competencies they’ve already mastered on the job, and take extra time and support working on skills they haven’t yet developed.

College for America is revolutionary affordable. The program’s unprecedented low cost of $2,500 per year is often 100% covered by an employer’s existing tuition reimbursement benefit, and also may be paid through federal financial aid, which is available for the associate’s degree to those who qualify. Federal financial aid for the bachelor’s degree is not available at this time.

Founded with a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation/EDUCAUSE grant in 2012 and already in place at ConAgra, Anthem BlueCross BlueShield, McDonalds, and dozens of other employers across the country, College for America is helping employers develop talent and build leadership – and helping employees succeed.

Given our mission of closing the skills gap that faces employers and employees alike, College for America also includes an in-house workforce strategies team that connects workforce research, higher education, and labor market needs.

View the College for America Academic Catalog here.