We partner with employers nationwide to bring a competency-based college degree program to their employees at an extraordinarily low cost.

Build talent and develop skills

Recruit, retain, and engage your workforce

Give employees access to degree programs uniquely applicable in the workplace



Working adults with busy lives need a college degree program that fits within their work and home life—and often a tight budget.

Just $3,000 a year or less, all inclusive

Flexibly scheduled work for busy lives

Fully accredited associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs in broadly applicable fields of study



    Our competency-based degree programs help students master specific skills (not just accumulate credit hours) to achieve their degree.


    We partner with employers nationwide to bring our fully accredited degree programs to their employees at a cost of just $3,000 per year (or less)!


    Students may advance very quickly through subjects they have already mastered in their life and career, and can get extra time and support in areas new to them.


College for America is part of Southern New Hampshire University—a fully accredited, 83-year-old, nonprofit university, which also includes a traditional four-year college campus in Manchester, NH and one of the country’s largest online universities with over 50,000 students nationwide. Central to every school of Southern New Hampshire University is a shared vision of putting student success at the center of everything we do.

College For America Leadership

  • Paul LeBlanc

    President, SNHU

  • Kris Clerkin

    Executive Director

  • Julian Alssid

    Chief Workforce Strategist

  • Tess Diver

    Director of Student Success

  • Julie-ann Edwards

    Director of Academic Operations

  • Melissa Goldberg

    Senior Workforce Strategist

  • Tim Hildreth

    Product Marketing Director

  • Kate Kazin

    Chief Academic Officer

  • Bill Kuslaka

    Director of Technology

  • Sabrina Manville

    Director of Marketing & Strategy

  • Mary Ann Perry

    Deputy Director JUICE

  • Jerome L. Rekart

    Director of Research and Analytics

  • Martha Rush-Mueller

    Director of Public and NonProfit Partnerships

  • Jennifer Share

    Director of Operations

  • Yvonne Simon

    Chief Learning Architect

  • Colin Van Ostern

    Senior Advisor

  • Lee Waldvogel

    Director of Partnership Services

  • Heidi Wilkes

    Sr. Director of Curriculum and Assessment Development

Fully Accredited

As part of Southern New Hampshire University, CfA is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges—one of the six regional accreditors across the nation certified by the U.S. Department of Education. Regional accreditation is the highest form of collegiate accreditation. Additionally, federal financial aid is available for all College for America degrees.

College for America students receive a degree from Southern New Hampshire University upon graduation.

Partnering Nationwide


College for America is the university’s division which partners with employers nationwide to bring competency-based degree programs to their frontline employees, building talent and promotable skills.


We offer degrees that are engineered to work for working adults: applicable in the workplace, flexibly scheduled for busy lives, and extraordinarily affordable.


Partner With Us


College for America was founded with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Lumina Foundation.

We’re proud to have broken ground in the effort to make a rigorous, workplace-applicable college degree available to every working adult:

  • First university in the nation to be approved for federal financial aid under the U.S. Department of Education’s direct assessment provisions, independent of traditional credit hours
  • First nationally available, fully accredited $10,000 Bachelor’s degree
  • Awarded the U.S. Department of Education’s “First in the World” grant—one of 24 schools out of roughly 500 applicants nationwide—for groundbreaking research on improving developmental education
  • A founding member of the Competency-Based Education Network (C-BEN)