An extraordinary discount


Every degree program at College for America costs just $3,000 per year—a fraction of the cost of most colleges.


Learn How To Apply


    Most College for America students have all or part of their tuition paid or reimbursed by their employer’s existing tuition assistance plan—a benefit offered by roughly 3 out of 4 American employers.

  • Financial Aid

    CfA students also may be eligible for federal financial aid to cover their costs. Applicants can contact the Student Financial Services office at 1-877-455-7648, option 3 or to understand their options.


    Most College for America students expect to graduate with no debt, according to a professional survey of all CfA students.

Cost & Payment Details

Tuition is paid in six-month installments, costing $1,500 each term. Because students can accelerate through the program on their own pace, that means students only pay for the terms they need. Students who choose to withdrawal for any reason in the first 30 days as a student owe nothing.

Any student with a valid credit or debit card can pay each term’s $1,500 tuition in monthly payments (with no finance costs) if they prefer.

I used to wait for people to come to me for new promotion opportunities. But now I have a better sense of my potential and have started taking the initiative.

Darby Conley

Enterprise Benefit Administration Director

AA, September 2014