Degree Overview

A Bachelor of Arts in Management helps develop management skills in working adults. Our students learn to plan, direct, and coordinate the operations of organizations, including formulating processes, managing daily operations, overseeing financial management, and planning the use of materials and human resources.


Our management degree was designed to prepare students for a variety of public service careers. Public service agencies are seeking workers with an understanding of the structure and functions of the state and local governments combined with an education in public administrative ethics and theory, public administration policy and foundational business skills.

Affordable, Accessible, Applicable

  • Focused on developing foundational, interpersonal, and business skills
  • Based on labor market needs and input from employers and subject matter experts
  • Eligible for federal financial aid and financing
  • Earned by mastering competencies through projects, not credit hours and grade points
  • Designed specifically to work for working adults by offering extensive flexibility and support

Thrive in a variety of positions

  • General manager
  • Operational manager
  • Administrative services manager
  • Public relations specialist
  • Human services manager
  • Program analyst
  • Public policy associate

Develop skills

  • Getting information
  • Making decisions and solving problems
  • Coordinating the work and activities of others
  • Scheduling work and activities of self and others
  • Monitoring processes, materials, or surroundings
  • Controlling resources
  • Selling or influencing others

Online Projects

Students work toward a degree by mastering competencies and completing interesting online projects at their own pace. 

See Sample Project