4 ways employers use CfA to build talent


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Apr • 15 • 2015

Employers build promotable skills through higher education

An accredited, nationally available $10,000 bachelor’s degree that is more applicable in the workplace

medallionCollege for America is a nonprofit college that partners with employers to offer their employees accredited college degree programs that work for working adults where traditional higher education often doesn’t: by being extraordinarily affordable, self-scheduled and -paced, and more applicable in the workplace.

Below are just a few examples of how employers nationwide are partnering with College for America to strengthen their workforce, boost their bottom line, and improve their relationship with employees.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield: “We see immediate ROI…”

pw_d014878At Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in New Hampshire, the health insurer’s call center employees were under pressure as they implemented new policies driven by the Affordable Care Act. Anthem saw CfA as a way to retain employees and help them become even more valuable to the company as their skills improved.

“We see an immediate ROI as our employees work on the program together and even share projects with colleagues and supervisors,” said business unit President Lisa Guertin.

The City of Memphis promotes a star employee city_of_memphis

After 14 years of working as a city employee for the City of Memphis, current student Donna Moore was finally promoted to supervisor. In addition to her years of hard work and dedication, she credits her success to the competencies she developed in the CfA Goal “Establish a Professional Presence.”

Panera gives rise to its bottom line panera_horiz_logo

With his newly demonstrated competencies, CfA graduate Matthew Mahler, a sanitation lead at Panera Bread, was asked to take on a role as an interim project manager to improve a supply chain process.
“To improve the quality of information we were working with, I started tracking daily ingredient usage with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets,” he explained of his improvements to a previously manual, paper-driven process. “I used this information to be more precise in ordering our weekly ingredients. I also changed the ordering procedure to include writing out our needs by email instead of fax. This eliminated lost or unreadable faxes and also created a record of our weekly orders.”

Matthew’s recently refined capabilities also helped him to more effectively communicate with his associates in production. By better managing information and clearly communicating with production team and supplier, he helped improve factory efficiency, shrink waste, and practically eliminate product ordering errors and shortages. With these results, Matthew is more confident in his capabilities and is driven to work toward a supervisory position with Panera Bread.

Cumberland Gulf fills its leadership pipelineCumberland Farms/Gulf

Tammy Kruger spent 15 years working her way up the career ladder at the Cumberland Gulf Group of Companies, but her advancement halted when upper management became the next step. She enrolled in CfA to pursue her degree, and now, even though she’s only halfway through her program, she’s already managing her responsibilities with more confidence and interacting with employees with more poise.

Tammy’s supervisors have taken notice and have started to prepare her for a regional manager or area field manager position. Tammy shared, “My boss has been teaching me things all along to progress my career, but I think having him know that I’m actually going to get a degree has further reinforced that I’m serious about my work with the company.”


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