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SNHU offers access to a variety of associate and bachelor’s degrees through the College for America programs that are uniquely applicable in the workplace, flexibly scheduled for busy lives, and highly affordable. Students are able to earn a fully accredited college degree from the nonprofit Southern New Hampshire University through online, competency-based programs.

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SNHU has partnered with more than 100 employers nationwide to make earning a college degree achievable for working adults. Employees of participating partners are eligible to enroll in our broadly applicable, workplace relevant programs.


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Student Stories

For Students

Tammy Kruger

Training Manager

BA Student

I think having [my boss] know that I’m actually going to earn a degree has further reinforced that I’m serious about my career

For Students

Kris Simmons

Administrative Assistant

AA, September 2013

I got a job at our main office as an administrative assistant, which required an associate’s degree. I got a raise and more hours per week, so my income has gone up quite a bit.

For Students

Darby Conley

Enterprise Benefit Administration Director

AA, September 2014

I used to wait for people to come to me for new promotion opportunities. But now I have a better sense of my potential and have started taking the initiative.

For Students

Matthew Mahler

Production Supervisor—promoted from Sanitation Lead

BA Student

Now I know how to obtain information, determine the quality of data, and create a way to manage and then communicate that information.

For Students

Kristopher Perez

General Manager

AA Student

I wanted to continue to increase my earning potential and I knew a degree would be the key.