Advisors and Reviewers

Every student at College for America receives the personal support they need to succeed.

Students learn from a variety of sources:

  • Online learning and development resources, included with every project
  • Peer interaction on team projects or in our online student community
  • Detailed feedback on every project from our academic reviewers
  • Working with a dedicated CfA advisors assigned to each student

About our academic reviewers

All work at College for America comes in the form of projects—real world, online scenarios for students to learn within, integrate competencies, and submit deliverables, such as written assignments, presentations, spreadsheets, video and audio recordings, and more.

Every project is reviewed and evaluated by a CfA academic reviewer, who returns detailed written feedback to the student within 48 hours to help them understand which competencies they have mastered and where they need to keep working.

Our academic reviewers are professional educators with:

  • An advanced degree (Master’s, Doctorate, etc) related to the field they evaluate
  • Experience in college-level instruction and online learning
  • A supportive, student-oriented attitude
  • Professional experience in a related field, where applicable

About Our Advisors

From day one, every student at College for America is assigned an advisor who helps them tackle their degree program.

Advisors are not academic tutors. Their job is to work with students to help them learn successful work and study skills; connect the dots between their work, life, and academics; provide support when they hit a roadblock; and help them celebrate their successes and stay motivated.
Advisors are trained professionals with experience in motivating and helping others succeed in their learning and development.

CfA Advisors have backgrounds including:

  • Counseling
  • Athletic coaching
  • Social work
  • And more