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Our mission is to increase access to education for everyone. We work with companies all over the country to do just that. Put us to work and let our degrees and solutions help your business grow.

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We'll process your form and follow up within 1-3 business days with marketing material and a landing page your employees can use to enroll in online courses.

Education as a strategy, not just a benefit

Offering education benefits to your employees does more than make them happy. It has long term implications for success and a measurable ROI.

UpSkill Workforce

The skills gap is real, but it's not just technical. The modern workforce needs to be trained in problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration. Project-based degrees programs target just that.

Prepare your workforce for today's work and tomorrow's technology.

Create a pathway towards promotion for those who want it most.

Offer degree programs that map towards your own industry's trends.

Attract Better Talent

With numbers close to full employment, it's not easy to find good people to help grow your business. Education benefits will help you compete and become an employer of choice.

Make your benefits a highlight for current and future employees.

Create a positive social brand while fostering employee loyalty.

Degrees for Working Adults

Competency Based Education (CBE) is accredited and based on real outcomes, but it's different than other online degrees.

Flexible Pace: Don't sacrifice work time to make a school deadline.

Online: Students can work from anywhere, 24/7.

Project-Based: Employees apply their experience to progress quickly.

A Simple, Self Service Education Partnership

Most universities won't partner with a 5-person company, but SNHU's Workforce Partnerships creates a way for companies from 5 to 50,000 to offer quality education benefits at an affordable price. Here's how you get started.

Sign Up & Confirm

An owner, executive, or HR/Learning leader should go through the 5-minute sign up process, starting with the form above.

Review Toolkit

After the signup process, we'll share a marketing and best practices toolkit with ways to share the program with everything you need to get started and share internally.

Champion Your Employees

Education benefits only work when employees take advantage of them. We'll give you tips and tools to help you get the word out.

In the background, we'll be setting up a page where your colleagues can apply, enroll, and speak to a student advisor.
For enterprise companies with over 10,000 employees please call 603-665-7317.

More About College for America

Watch the video to learn how the program impacts both employees and the businesses they work for.


Paid directly by students, but reimbursable by most tuition assistance programs. Please consult your HR and Benefits departments before creating an account.

Personal Path

$5,000 /year

all-inclusive price per student

The College for America program by SNHU is a self-paced, highly relevant degree program based on project completion. No credit hours, no classroom lectures. Apply real-world knowledge at an all-you-can-learn price.

Set Path

10% discount

for all traditional online programs

Online course-based programs include over 200 degree programs that can be accessed from anywhere. They come built in with support and a routine designed to help working adults earn a degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions, please email us at


How do I sign my company up?

Fill the form above to get started. We'll supply you with a toolkit with marketing supplies to announce it to your employees, and an application link for those interested.


What does it cost my company?

The cost to students is $5,000 per year for the College for America program, but some businesses will cover up to 100% of that as a benefit. Let us know if you need help understanding your options.


Is there a limit to the number of employees that can enroll?

No! SNHU serves over 130,000 learners around the world and can scale with your business, big or small.


How many employees should I expect to participate?

Enrollment is dependent on how much you market this benefit to your employee and how much of the cost is covered by tuition assistance. When fully bought in, you can expect 1-3% or more of your employees to enroll every year.


Can you help me market to my employees?

At the end of your sign-up , we'll send you a marketing toolkit, complete with emails and printable fliers to share with your employees. Some companies may be eligible for enterprise-level support and additional account management.


Can employees take any SNHU course?

As part of our standard partnership, your employees will have access to the special College for America program as well as a 10% discount on all other SNHU courses.

Getting your employees or colleagues to enroll in college isn't easy, but partnering with SNHU's Workforce Partnerships team is. Sign up today and receive your digital toolkit in minutes.


Here's a small selection of case studies and e-books in case you want to learn more.

The Liberal Arts at Work

This e-book examines the 2015-2020 skill gaps and the skills that are most in need across American companies. The finding? Liberal arts degrees will play a big part in tomorrow's economy.

Student Story
Student Story: Detra Wright

A high school diploma limited Detra Wright's career path. When her employer announced its partnership with SNHU, she jumped at the chance to change her life for the better.

The Complete Guide to L&D in 2018

This e-book offers up perspectives and practical suggestions for implementing L&D in any organization. It also offers a number of quick statistics that you can share with your own teams.