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Mom to 3 Earning Degree to Enhance Career at TD Bank


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Aug • 23 • 2019

Student success story Natasha Creaser

When Natasha Creaser’s oldest son, a high school junior, began exploring colleges he wanted to attend, it occurred to her she would soon be the only person in her immediate family without a college degree. But she was already juggling so much as a wife, mother of three and full-time payment operations manager at TD Bank. 

Creaser decided to make it happen and took advantage of her employer’s partnership with Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) by enrolling in courses in its online, competency-based program designed for working adults.

When she was graduating from high school, college wasn’t something Creaser’s family placed a top priority on. Instead, she took the opportunity to travel and then began working to “make a name for myself,” with a strong work ethic. As she continued to gain experience, that plan worked. In 8 years at TD Bank, she’s been able to work in a number of roles that increased her skills, but a college degree was still a missing piece.

“I have been very fortunate to have strong work experience to support my development goals. I am looking forward to combining my work experience with my education to show my qualifications for positions that I am interested in,” she said.

Throughout their marriage, Creaser’s husband had encouraged her to earn her degree, but making the investment was difficult with the prospect of three children attending college soon. So when TD Bank announced the partnership with SNHU, “it immediately caught my attention.”

“I went home and discussed it with my husband. The next day I enrolled in courses,” she said. 

SNHU’s program works for Creaser and students like her because the project-based format aligns with knowledge and skills she has from her work experience. As she completes projects, Creaser is mastering a series of competencies that will eventually earn her an associate degree. She wants to earn a bachelor’s degree in the future. Because the projects are completed online, Creaser can plan her coursework around her other responsibilities. 

“On Sunday’s I plan my meals for the week, identify sports activities and work events, and then identify what days that I will devote to my studies,” she said. “The online nature is exactly what I needed to support my schedule.”

Creaser said she encouraged any colleagues interested in earning their degree to explore SNHU as an option. Even with a busy schedule, it’s possible to find the time. 

“Don’t hesitate. Jump in with both feet. You will find the time for what is important to you,” she said. “I have reduced the amount of time I watch TV and look for ways to carve time into my schedule to ensure that I am completing my studies. You will not regret your choice.”