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T-Mobile HR Specialist Earns Master’s to Advance Career, Impact Community


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Jul • 10 • 2019

Student success story Nan Todd

Nan Todd never put much stock in her father’s wish that his children get their education. That is, she didn’t until she found herself blocked from advancing in a career she loved unless she earned her degree. 

Todd, an employee success partner on T-Mobile’s human resources team, used her bachelor’s degree to begin her career in HR and recently earned a master’s degree in organizational leadership from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) to advance even further.

“My master’s has provided me opportunities to take on special projects, make strong connections across the country and move up in my career,” Todd said.

Todd was grateful she was able to earn her degree online at SNHU thanks to education benefits available at T-Mobile. She said she used course deadlines to help structure her weekly schedule.

“For me, it was perfect,” she said. “With deadlines mid- and end-week, I was able to spread out the work and reading around my work schedule instead of piling it all into one day/time.”

Todd said the structure of the online courses also helped her learn better collaboration skills through group projects that directly apply to her work as an HR specialist. She has to partner with groups throughout her company and communicate effectively to find solutions that serve employee needs as well as result in “wins for the company.” 

“We may not see every situation … the same, but my job is to keep the dialogue open so that in the end, we do what is best for the employee and the business,” she said.

She said the courses have proven valuable in her current role, particularly skills she learned in a course on change management.

“Specifically, I feel well equipped to build a common vision, lead people through change and prepare them for the constant change that is business today,” she said. “As (an) HR professional, my commitment is to create better, more healthy people – not just more productive workers. SNHU taught me the knowledge I need to balance people and business.”

Todd recently passed the Society of HR Management certification and is planning to take the GRE and apply to doctoral programs soon. She also spends time volunteering for an LGBTQ+ community center as board president, something she credits to having earned her master’s degree.

“I have a passion for people – helping them grow, develop, be confident and experience success,” Todd said. “My work with T-Mobile and the (community center) allows me to be immersed in bettering both myself and those around me.”