College for America Partner Wins ‘Super School’ Grant


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Sep • 14 • 2016

College for America is proud to be a part of the XQ “Super School” Prize, as a partner to RISE High, a new high school incubated at Da Vinci Schools.

In Sept. 2015, the XQ Institute (co-led by Laurene Powell Jobs, president of Emerson Collective and widow of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs) put out an open call to reimagine America’s high schools through radical new ideas. The national contest is funding innovative new public high school models, providing each school with expert support and $10 million over the next five years. XQ received nearly 700 applications from 45 states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico. Five winners were announced today in a live broadcast from Washington DC, including RISE High.

RISE will open in the fall of 2017 and will focus on serving homeless and foster youth in LA. In that city, young people in those categories are 87% more likely to leave high school before graduating. The RISE High school will have a variety of locations and a mobile resource center; these flexible access points will help students access critical services to support them as they stay in school, such as medical & mental health, legal services, housing, transport, and meals.

RISE is currently being incubated at Da Vinci Schools, a charter school network in LA that is dedicated to project-based learning. Da Vinci is already a College for America partner through our “Community Partners” program – helping students attain college degrees by providing additional services as they progress through our degree programs. RISE students will, like Da Vinci Flex students, be able to pursue higher education while also benefiting from the school’s community support system.

RISE and Da Vinci share College for America’s vision that education must be made relevant to the real world and that new formats for learning can enable new populations of students to succeed where traditional models have failed. Just as our working students need flexible scheduling to meet their personal needs and fulfill family responsibilities, so do the youth that RISE will serve. We’re very excited to work on this new vision for making education more accessible! Congratulations to the team!

Learn more about the XQ Prize and RISE High here.

About College for America Community Partnerships

In addition to employer partnerships, College for America works with community-based organizations seeking to broaden access to a new model for higher education: partnerships that create college and career pathways for the 21st century. We work together with these partners to deliver accredited, high-quality college degrees, develop employable skills, and ensure that students have the support they need to thrive and succeed.

Along with the robust online academic program and learning support that College for America provides, our community partners provide students with additional services, such as coaching and career services, that help them to succeed in college and beyond to sustainable employment.

College for America Programs are:

  • Competency- and project-based– Students learn and demonstrate mastery of competencies by submitting real-world projects—instead of sitting through classes and taking exams.
  • Flexible– Students set their own schedule and work at their own pace; the program is delivered all online, with 24/7 access.
  • Radically affordable– Plus, federal student aid and financing is available for all programs.
  • High Quality– Students attain SNHU degrees – fully accredited, workplace-relevant degrees from a nonprofit university that is dedicated to student success.

Becoming a College for America Community Partner

Are you a school or community-based organization who is interested in implementing this type of model with College for America? Click here to connect with our partnerships team.